Episode 3 - Interview with Dave Gilbert

Dave Gilbert drops by in episode 3 to talk about his illustrious career and his award winning games, including The Shivah, the Blackwell series and Unavowed. For those who don’t know, Dave Gilbert started making adventure games commercially 13 years ago and has since gone on to be the “God of adventure games”. Blackwell Epiphany won “Adventure Game of the Year” at adventuregamers.com and Unavowed was one of the ten best reviewed PC games of 2018 and has been nominated for an IGF award for Best narrative. Dave talks about those games and the others he developed. Plus in this episode:

- He talks about how he started making adventure games in the first place

- We go behind the scenes on all the games he developed where he talks about the challenges and successes of his games

- He tells us his strategies for getting the best out of his voice actors

- He talks about the differences between developing and publishing games and what games Wadjet Eye are publishing next

And much more! Plus I reveal which game developed by Dave Gilbert is the fan’s favourite I also talk about Quantic Dreams new deal and what that means for their future and 4 new adventure games including one where it probably rains more than in Unavowed!

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Links to other games and articles mentioned in podcast:

Quantic Dream


Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements




The Funny Boneyard


Don’t Forget Me


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