What is Adventure Games Podcast all about?
This is a website and podcast dedicated to Adventure Game news and reviews as well as interviews with adventure game developers.

Why create a podcast?
3 reasons: 1:) adventure games are my passion. 2:) I love podcasts. And 3:) I want to help adventure game developers promote their games and find a bigger audience and help adventure gamers find out more about adventure games they may find interesting.

What exactly is an “adventure game”?
This is a topic of great debate among adventure game fans as people have different interpretations. But for me an adventure game would have at least two of the following:




So you mean like “Tomb Raider” and “Uncharted”?
Not exactly. While they have all 3 elements, they also have a lot of action so I would consider them “action/adventure” games. I’m talking mostly about point and click adventure games with little or no action elements or games like TellTale’s games such as The Walking Dead.

Gotcha! So why adventure games? Do you not like the other genres?
I have nothing at all against other genres and have in fact played all genres at some point. To this day Final Fantasy VII remains one of my favourite games of all time. But adventure games have always been my passion so this is what I would like to focus on.

Are you a journalist?
Nope. Just a person who loves adventure games.

So why should adventure game developers agree to talk with you?
Good question! At the very least they would be talking with someone who is an avid adventure gamer about their adventure games. At best they can find a new audience and hopefully increase their sales.

Are you affiliated with any adventure game developer?

Do you make any money from sales of any adventure games?
No but if any adventure game developer would like to share their profits with me, my bank account details are…

I’ll take that as a no then. So why do you want to help adventure game developers find a new audience and increase their sales?
Simple. If they sell more games they make more games and everybody wins!

Fair enough. Will all adventure game developers you speak with have released their games?
Not necessarily. Some adventure game developers may be working on their first game.

Where can we find more information about the developers and their games?
I will include links to the developers’ and games’ sites in the show notes and you can also find these links as well as trailers and screenshots on the Developers and Games page here.

You mentioned you also wanted to help adventure game players in the podcast?
Yes! I hope to help other adventure game players find out more about adventure games they may find interesting through the podcast.

What about people who don’t play adventure games? Or games at all? Will they find this podcast interesting?
Hopefully yes. The great thing about adventure games is that they are usually easy to play and you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time on them as you do on other games since adventure games can be quite short in comparison. So if you like reading books or comics or resolving puzzles then you will most likely find at least some adventure games interesting.

You also mentioned that you would talk about news and reviews?
Yes! So the news would be mostly new Adventure Game announcements, release dates, new Kickstarter announcements and any other news relevant to the Adventure Game community. I will also be reviewing and discussing both old and new Adventure Games released.

Where will the podcast be available?
You can find the podcast episodes on this page here but you can also listen to the podcast on all major platforms.

Will it also be available on Youtube?
I may add video episodes at a later date and in the meantime I am also planning on adding the audio to Youtube in the near future when I have a few episodes uploaded.

How often will the episodes be released?
There will then be one episode every two weeks on every second Friday.

Where can we contact you if we wanted to talk about our adventure games or if we had any comments or questions?
You can contact me on the Contact Me page here or you can join the Adventure Games Podcast Facebook group here. You can also follow the Adventure Games Podcast on Twitter and Instagram.