Episode 22 with special guest appearance from Gaming Outsider podcast hosts

This week we are joined by two very special guests as the hosts of the Gaming Outsider Podcast, Scott Clark and Chris Behrensmeyer, join me as they review A Plague Tale: Innocence and Sea of Solitude. Plus they speak about a convention they are hosting that you do not want to miss if you are in Illinois. Elsewhere, Seoirse and Tomas discuss whether remaking Monkey Island is a good idea and AdventureX tickets selling out in one day. Plus Seoirse reviews Draugen and Tomas gives his first impressions of Night Call.

Discussion with Scott and Chris starts at minute 40:42

Monkey Island Article


Mind Trap

Theropods Kickstarter

Hand of Glory Kickstarter

Justin Whack and The Big Time Hack


Night Call

Neo Cab

The Gaming Outsider

R2V2 Convention

The White Vault Podcast

Vast Horizon Podcast

Breakers Podcast

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