Episode 6 - Interview with Nate Berens of Redact games

In episode 6 Nate Berens of Redact Games drops by to talk about his game SageBrush, released in September 2018. In this game you explore an abandoned compound which was owned by a cult and as you explore you investigate what happened to the cult members and in the process explore why a person would join a cult to begin with. In this episode we discuss:

- What research Nate did for this game

- Why he chose this topic as his first commercial game

- The challenges of making a game with a small budget and a full-time job and how he overcame them

- How making this game has changed his approach to reviewing games

Plus much more! I also discuss the latest news including an update on Asylum, Spooky Doorway’s new game and some new games on Kickstarter.

Sagebrush Official site

Nate Berens Twitter

Links to games mentioned:

Asylum Update

Spooky Doorway new game

Don't Forget me Kickstarter

Born Punk Kickstarter

3 Geeks Official Website

Investi-gator and the Big Crime Kickstarter

The Jester and the Madman Kickstarter

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